Post-Workout Nutrition: Eating Right After Yoga

yoga nutrition

When exercising on a regular basis, how do you boost your energy levels and get on the right nutritional path? Below we list some food groups and beverages you should consume after completing your daily yoga session.

The Vegan Yoga Diet

Yoga is great for keeping your stress level down releasing pent up anxiety. Yoga also works to help you maintain a higher level of flexibility, helps overcome heart concerns and lowers blood pressure.

Since the exercise is intended to improve upon flexibility, these nutritional plans are not reliant upon protein intake. Instead, the most common yoga nutrition plans will follow the steps of well-tested vegan diets.


Starting with the grains, yogis should commit to an increase in products containing oats, barley, and other like grain food items. These items are rich in nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. Minerals like magnesium, copper, and lead are often left out of the picture. Our body doesn’t need heavy doses of these elements to function, but a lack of these items can put us at a nutritional cross road.


Fruit is a second source of food that contains high amounts of energy. These properties come primarily in vitamin forms, ensuring proper doses all the way from A to E. Getting all of your vitamin letters in for the day is essential due to the individual properties each possess.

Vitamin A works to promote healthy bones and muscle tissues while vitamin B works primarily with your metabolism. Leaving a vitamin off the list is like leaving health benefits on the table; a practice that can lead to stumbles upon your success with this particular workout format.


Vegetables have important properties that draw similarities to fruits. They bring you similar vitamin intake levels, but they also eliminate an important element from our digestive track: cholesterol. Furthermore, vegetables help maintain potassium levels and regulate dietary fiber.


The last items on our list come from the snack space. Everyone enjoys a good treat every now and again. Two options really work well for this: power bars and nutrition shakes. Now these aren’t your average protein bars that are packed with proteins and muscle building components. Whole grain granola bars fit this description. You can also get creative by throwing in options that are coated in chocolate, lactose free preferably.

The nutrition shakes do not have to be bland and tasteless — fruit smoothies or shakes made with almond milk work perfectly to fit this mold. You already know the benefits fruit can provide and almond milk is rich in calcium and previously mentioned vitamins. This gives you a taste for success to look forward to following your workout.

Combining these elements of nutrition molds into a plan that should be practiced post-workout. All of these mentioned groups help ease the recovery process as well. They work to build your muscle strength back, seal up any minor tears through vitamin processing, and help you maintain constant energy levels throughout the day.